Monday, January 01, 2007
My wild New Years Eve
It started with a pot roast supper with mashed potatoes and green beans. Next came the Diet Coke and Mentos foamy fun. That was followed by fireworks, real live festival balls. After that we retired indoors for a round of Sequence. After my team got tired of getting our asses kicked we played Mexican Train. Eventually it was time to run downstairs and watch Dick Clark ring in the New Year. We drank a toast, kissed our significant others and ran back upstairs for more Mexican Train. We're a wild and crazy bunch, my family.

Lest you be worried, there was lots of food and drink too. We had beers brewed by Trappist monks, Jack and Ginger, Sangria, Red Bull and vodka, mudslides and Asti Spumante. We went for highbrow snacks like chips and dip, fritos, popcorn and cocktail shrimp. :)