Wednesday, January 10, 2007
Playing 'em like a fiddle
Now I know Emma's mine. She spends a considerable amount of her time and energy begging for chips and candy. If you tell her no to one thing she'll wait about two minutes and come back asking for something similar. She'll push a kitchen chair up to the cabinets and then ask you to open the door so she can browse for the next item to beg. I counter-offer raisins, pretzels, and Cheerios. It's a constant battle these days. Of course then you get to suppertime and she takes two bites from her meal and decides she's done. Argh.

The last several times when we stopped by the store Daddy would let her have Pringles and water. Then he'd pull out her car for a ride. It's no wonder she wants to go to the store every day.

Here she is negotiating.

Here he is capitulating.

Here she is masticating.