Sunday, January 06, 2008
"Asserting her independence"
That's the nice way of saying it. Recently Emma has become defiant and combative. She acts out a lot more, screams and cries over things more often. The other day was the first time I ever told her to do something and she said, "No." That did not go down well, believe me.

Last night was terrible. She would not stop whining and crying. It was awful. It drove M from the dinner table, out into the cold night, to finish his meal. He can take her shenanigans any other time, except while he's trying to eat. It was one of those nights when I was so happy for bedtime.

I know she is actually asserting her independence and it's a healthy phase of growth. But it just makes you want to beat your head on the wall when they willfully make their own lives more difficult.

Meanwhile, the clothes truly do reveal the girl...