Wednesday, January 09, 2008
Continuing praises...
Crissa of Geeks R Us is a mommy of two young girls who lives in Alaska. She always wins the "It's so cold outside" contests. Her daughters are absolutely beautiful and have the most stunning eyes. Sometimes I'd like to give Crissa an award for all she does for her family. She has a knack for doing a lot with a little. I suspect her efforts are under appreciated, but then that is the lot of so many moms. She's so creative and thoughtful. It's such a treat when one of her homemade cards arrives in the mail. She does terrific digital scrap booking work and is really taking off with her photography skills. I ache for her sometimes because I know she misses her family in Michigan so badly and would love to live closer to them. She impressed me as being so brave when she flew from Alaska to Portland with her littlest one so Vivian could have surgery. She's always so supportive and quick with the compliments and encouragement. I just wish her blog had an RSS feed so I could get it on my Google Reader. I tend to forget to stop by. I promise I'll try harder :)

I think of Leslie at Gelbspot as a steel magnolia. She lives in Tennessee and I've heard that she has a sweet Southern accent. I've never rung her up to check it out myself. She's so kind and thoughtful. She's a lot like me in that she's extremely sensitive to the reactions and nuances of others. She never wants to think she's upsetting someone (I'm the same). But there is another side to her. If you mess with someone she cares about she will not hesitate to give you what-for. She's the mommy of two little girls who were born fairly close together. They're adorable girls and it seems her oldest daughter's behaviors often coincide so closely with Emma's. Leslie is also a serious businesswoman in a field that is dominated by men. I've never loved her so much as when she told off someone who was messing with one of her team members at work. I wish I could have seen it happen. She has great taste in blogs and I've gotten hooked on several that she's discovered. She is another budding photographer and was kind enough to share some tips from the classes she took. She goes an extra step and enhances her work with creative scrapbooking. She does awesome shadow boxes and gives them as gifts to her friends. The only problem is that you have to get knocked up to rate one. Ahem ;)

Jamie at Glaciermeow is a model of quiet strength. She lives in Georgia and has two sons, one of whom is Emma's age. She's a cat-mama too, but I try not to hold that against her too much ;) Her son is the one who sent Gingey with us on our trip to Germany and Ireland. Jamie is an awesome photographer who has been honing her skills much longer than the rest of us hackers. She is someone I secretly revere because of what she's gone through. She had a daughter, Amber, who died tragically at the age of four. Her daughter was an organ donor and I respect Jamie and her husband so much for making that decision. Jamie keeps Amber's memory alive in her heart and her sons know of their angel in heaven looking over them. Despite all she's been through Jamie is patient with the rest of us moms who freak out over the dumbest things. On one hand I look at her and think, "There but for the grace of God...," but then I know that Jamie was blessed with such a gift to have been mommy to Amber, and she was graced by God.