Wednesday, January 16, 2008
Nice thing about my blogroll buddies, part 9
DJ of Texas Happenings is a mommy of two lovely girls. If the mommy board were school DJ would be class president. Everyone wants to meet DJ. People like her because she's sweet and effusive and supportive, but she's not saccharine sweet. She's got a raunchy sense of humor and is a girl's girl. Her interests include power shopping, so we have that in common. She's a great model for good health for us all; she's lost over 50 lbs. and is firmly dedicated to reaching her goals. She even gets up at 4:30 a.m. to go to the gym! She's one of those infernal Democrats, but she's one who can take the teasing and give it right back. Me likey that. DJ has amazing strength which she recently had to tap into. Her youngest, who we call Neener, was discovered to have a heart condition at the age of one. Because it had been undetected she had already gone into congestive heart failure when it was found. Surgery was scheduled post haste and I can tell you with complete and utter honesty that those weeks waiting for surgery dogged us all. I personally felt a constant sense of dread and fear for sweet little Neener. We waited on pins and needles when the day of surgery finally arrived. The good news is that Neener made it through the surgery successfully, not without drama, but the prognosis is good. Pretty soon we'll be watching her sitting alongside DJ and Jessica for their regular mani/pedi.

Katherine of Travelin' Texans is mommy to two girls and lives in...California. They do travel a lot though. She recently showed us her itenerary for summer vacation and it lasts five weeks and takes her family all over the place. Katherine is a devoted stay-at-home mom. She is one of those mommies who is great at keeping her kids stimulated and entertained. They are always baking or doing creative projects together. I think Katherine would be a fabulous person to have as a friend or neighbor because she's really friendly and sociable. She makes fast friends wherever her family moves. She and her husband are always helping out others and reaching out to people who may have needs that they can help with. She's a great role model for her girls.

Jeanne of World of a Cuban Wife is the mommy of two girls (Two girls seems to be the thing today). She lives in Florida and hates, hates, hates hurricanes, but we can't convince her to move. Her first daughter, Lexi, was born in a hurricane. Lexi was born with hip dysplasia but despite Jeanne dogging the doctors over the problem, she wasn't diagnosed until many months later. Lexi had to go through the long months in the cast in the Florida heat. It was pretty traumatic for everyone. Jeanne also has a sister with severe health problems who lives in her home. It seems like Jeanne has everyone to take care of. She is a strong, strong lady and manages to do it all, despite the severe lack of time. That's not to say she's thrilled about it. She'd love to have more help, like anyone would. Jeanne is very devoted to her close friends and is a good one to have at your back. She's as honest as the day is long and you can trust her with anything. Jeanne is a devoted mama bear who would do anything for her girls. Which is a good thing, because she is called on to do plenty! ;)