Thursday, January 10, 2008
Nice things about my blogroll buddies, part 4
Wermit, from A Grand Adventure is Bound to Happen, found me. I'm not sure how, but I'm glad she did. She's one of my most faithful and encouraging commenters, and sometimes she and her sister-in-law, Julie, are the ones who keep me blogging. They remind that someone is actually reading. Wermit's daughter, Jenna, is so bright and sweet, you can tell her mama is doing a fantastic job raising her. Jenna is at least half a year younger than Emma but she does so many things that Emma does. Jenna's ahead of her peers and has an amazing vocabulary. Wermit is a police dispatcher so she has to be cool under pressure, a characteristic that would benefit any mother. I'm glad that Wermit accepted our invitation to join our mommy board. She's so supportive and has been a perfect fit for our...ah...interesting crew. Although, she probably scratches her head sometimes and wonders if the insanity will rub off on her.

Jessica of Growing Up Guacamole is one interesting character. She's a devout Christian hippy missionary to the state of California. She has a masters from Stanford in electrical engineering (I think that's the right one!) but is spending her time raising her kids right now. Jessica is amazingly creative. She is the master of shoestring birthday parties. She'll pick a theme and put things together down to the last detail without even straining her budget. She bakes and sews and knits up a storm. Some of her knitted creations are truly amazing. I envy her talent and patience. Her kids are perfect hippy children, always barefoot ;) Jessica cultivates fruits and vegetables and flowers in her yard and uses just about all of it. She involves her children in projects all day long. She's another master of doing a lot with a little. To top it all off, she's a skinny ass, which should make me hate her, but I'm in a loving mood today. Now, to solidify her hippie cred, she's cultivating dreadlocks. Honestly, Karl Rove is scratching his head over this one.

Jennie of I Got Smarts Real Good is a new blogger,which means she isn't quite on a regular *cough* schedule yet. Jennie is a hoot. She has two boys and they seem to provide her with endless entertainment. My favorite story (and picture!) was when Jack powdered the living room with talcum. Jennie is the tomboy who grew up to have boobies. As a matter of fact, boobies are somewhat of an obsession for her; it's her favorite part of childbearing! She's always trying out new things and giving us reports. She's highly motivated and keeps on the go. After she had her second son, she left full time work to be a full time mom. In no time at all she was president off her mom's club. She's a great mom for two boys because she has plenty of energy to keep up with them. She's a fierce ally to her friends and someone you'd want to have your back. And, oh yeah...boobies!