Tuesday, January 15, 2008
Nice things about my blogroll buddies, part 8
Allison of Snippets from Suburbia is one of those hardiest of humans, a middle school teacher. She's currently on a long hiatus while she's raising her two young daughters. I used to call her daughter, Avery, Emma's west coast doppleganger, but they've outgrown that phase. Allison is very intelligent and has a finely tuned BS sensor. She'll call you on it, too! She's a very creative and imaginative photographer. She's primarily responsible for my camera envy which led me to upgrade to my Rebel. Unfortunately an upgrade didn't buy me talent, time or a place to take pictures ;) Since Allison's blog link isn't working I'll link you to her Flickr page. You can see her talent on display there. She's also very good at web design and is a "go to" person when you need help with your blog. Allison has an oddball sense of humor, which endears her to me all the more. She's one of the few online friends that I've been privileged to meet.

Misty of Stuck in Texas is a mommy to three girls, in...uh...Texas. She's one of the newest bloggers on my blogroll and I'm proud to say she even blogs regularly! She's a talented seamstress and designs and sells children's clothing. She also does amazing diaper cakes. We've put her to work on our behalf several times now. Misty is a dedicated family person; she tries so hard to keep her extended family updated with her kid's activities. I really enjoyed her Christmas ornament series on her blog, even though I forgot to comment. Misty is one of those experienced mamas we look to for advice because she has an older girl. She's always very supportive and helpful.

Leslie of Sugar and Spice is a stay-at-home mommy of three girls who lives in Massachusetts. So I'd say there's lots of sugar and not so much spice. Leslie has a really great sense of humor and an entertaining way of looking at the world. Leslie's middle child is Emma's age. That means she has an older daughter who can give me a preview of what's coming in our future. Leslie's husband is a firefighter so her girls have a privileged look at life in the firehouse, a world most kids revere. Leslie is a very loving and dedicated mommy. She's not afraid to let her kids explore and make a huge mess. Her girls are really lucky to have someone so cool for a mom. Which of course they won't appreciate until they're thirty.