Wednesday, January 16, 2008
Reflections on the nice series
It's done. Please don't be a stranger now that I've stopped talking about people. I'm pretty sure not everyone has seen the nice things that were written about them. Which is kind of ironic, because if I'd written something nasty about someone they would have gotten an email about it in thirty seconds flat.

I've enjoyed reflecting on the folks on my blogroll and putting into words what I like about them. I hope they've enjoyed being singled out for praise. What I've come to realize is how seldom this sort of thing happens. It's like it costs people money to say something nice about someone. It really doesn't. What you give does come back to you.

I know many of you have taken the opportunity to check out the blogs I've spoken about. Unfortunately several of the bloggers are sporatic posters at best. I've learned that it drives me a little less crazy if I use Google Reader to keep up with my blogs. It cuts down on lots of pointless clicking.

Now, if my blog hits fall off to nothing after this series has ended I might be forced to come back with an "Annoying things about the people on my blogroll" series.

I keed, I keed. ;) All of you are such saints that I wouldn't be able to come up with a negative thing to say. (She wrote, while trying to maintain a straight face)

P. S. If you need a boost and want to come back and see the series again it is listed under the "nice series" tag on the right of the page.