Sunday, January 06, 2008
Some guys have all the luck...
Every year M buys me lottery tickets for my Christmas sock. I think he usually buys about $35 worth. The store has always sold the scratch tickets, but not the "pick" games. This year in November they started selling the full lottery selection for the first time. So now he's able to buy the Mega Millions tickets and similar right at work. This year he bought me a $20 ticket for a particular game where the odds of winning a million were 1:110,000. Very good odds compared to the other big games. As usual, I won bupkiss. I think the best I've ever done is a $50 ticket, one time.

However, my brother-in-law put the same ticket in his girlfriend's stocking. Apparently they bought two tickets and gave them to each other. When they went to the store to check her ticket by running it through the lottery machine it told them she'd won more than $500, so they had to redeem it at a lottery office. With that game there were only three options, $500, $50,000 or a million. They ran back home and tried to look up the winning numbers on the internet, with no luck (not net savvy). Then they called us and asked us to look it up. M handed me the number. I knew it wasn't a million because those numbers started with either 0 or 3; I remembered that from looking them up for myself the night before. I looked at the number on the pad he was holding and looked at the lottery page and it showed BIL's girlfriend's number. She won $50,000.

Since Uncle K. had actually bought her winning ticket (and because she likes him) she split the winnings with him. M got $500 from the lottery for selling a big winner in his store. Uncle K. and C. went to the lottery office on Thursday and collected their winnings. They came home and opened bank accounts and one of the first things Uncle K. did was give Emma a generous monetary gift. Then later C. slipped M a little more for Emma. I'm telling you, it pays to be a cute kid who is free with the hugs.

They also brought back a big banner that M could hang across the front of his store proclaiming he sold a $50,000 winner. I'm sure by this week the whole thing will be the talk of the town.