Monday, February 04, 2008
I admit it...
I rooted for the Giants. Like many people I am so dead-assed tired of hearing about the Patriots. Yeah, their eighteen game winning streak is quite an achievement and would have been nicely capped with a Super Bowl win. But damn, they've won enough. I yearned for the Giants to take them down a peg. And they did, and it was glorious!

Then I felt remorse. I felt sorry for Brady, who is clearly an awesome quarterback. I felt sorry for Belichick, who looked like he would rather have been dead than give a post-game interview.

I also felt sorry that the New Yorkers would get to claim the win. I've had enough of them too. Giants are an NFC East team and conference rivals. I hate them. Eh, cognitive dissonance all around.

Oh, and my favorite commercials were the Pepsi one with Justin Timberlake and the Tide talking stain. I laughed out loud at both. Seeing Timberlake get racked three times in a row was riotously funny. The talking stain was simply brilliant.