Saturday, February 02, 2008
Serious trauma today...
Ever since the Dish Network installer finished our installation I've wanted to move the box from where he set it. I wanted to move it up a couple of shelves because the dust and dog hair are thick so close to the floor. This afternoon I decided to go ahead and move it up.

I moved the entertainment center away from the wall and started the shuffling. I put our upconverting DVD player on top of the DVD/VCR Recorder and planned on moving the Dish DVR box up to the empty shelf that made. There's a big warning on the Dish box that it must not be moved while it's plugged in because the hard drive can be damaged. They make it seem like a very delicate item. I moved it ever so carefully and put it into position on the new shelf. Everything looked good so I started to pull the entertainment back against the wall.

As I'm pulling, the shelf at eye level in front of me collapses and the Kenwood tape deck falls onto the shelf below it, which starts as cascade of falling shelves and components. The tape deck, our CD player, two DVD players and three shelves came crashing down on the Dish DVR. Then the shelf it was on gave way and crashed down onto the Bose speaker underneath it.

I couldn't believe it. I was trapped there holding up two shelves with a CD player dangling over my arm by its cord. All the blood rushed to my head and to my heart. Oh no oh no oh no oh no oh no! Basically without a brace the side of the entertainment center was able to pull away from the center enough to allow the shelves to fall out.

I was in a total panic, trying to get the entertainment center put back together and put the components into place. I'm thinking...oh my God...Super Bowl tomorrow...Dish DVR just pancaked...M will never understand...he's psycho when it comes to his TV fix...I'm dead, I'm dead, I'm dead. Emma was watching me trying to work frantically, I'm sure she said something but I didn't hear her over the roaring in my ears.

I got everything back into place and some components were already turned on when I checked them. I grabbed the Dish remote and turned it on. Nothing. Then a few seconds later it comes on and makes this Rrrrrrrr-rrrrrrr-rrrrrr sound. It does this for several seconds then all the lights on the front panel come on and then go completely dead. I hit the on button, repeatedly. Nothing. I leaned back against the wall and sank to the floor. "He won't understand," I was thinking. Emma knew I was traumatized because she giving me hugs and telling me it was going to be all right.

I was thinking, how am I going to tell him no Super Bowl tomorrow. What are we going to do? Watch DVDs? Why did I have to move things today? How much is this going to cost me? How long will it take a new DVR to arrive? Can we install it ourselves or we will need to get another installer out here? How could this happen to me? How can I got to town to the Groundhog supper? When will my heart slow down?

I seriously wanted to cry but no tears would come. I got up again and went to the couch. I looked at the TV and the Dish message was on there "Press select to view your Dish programming." I lifted the remote and hit select and the TV came on. What? I don't get it! You were just dead! Aaaaargh! And hallelujah! I checked the channels, the HD, our recordings on DVR, it was all there. I was saved.

Hours later I'm still not right. I had to tell M all about it because he needs to know about the entertainment center being another accident waiting to happen. He said we'll put some braces on it.