Tuesday, July 29, 2008
1. My foot hasn't healed. I began to suspect that it needed some fresh air so I stopped wearing a bandage on it Sunday night. I went two days without it before deciding I couldn't take it anymore. It was too uncomfortable and the wound started looking worse. Today I put ointment on it again and bandaged it back up. It feels much better. Unfortunately I'm starting to despair that it won't heal in time for the beach. I never suspected that it would take more than two months for a wound on my foot to heal. Drat.

2. I have some sort of crud. It started with my hands itching really badly. Then I noticed tiny pinhead sized bumps springing up all over my hands, even my palms. Then it spread up my arms. Now it's on my legs. The stuff itches like hell, but fortunately not all of the time. I couldn't stand it any longer and went to the medical center yesterday morning. The doctor's guess was contact dermatitis, so now I'm wracking my brain trying to figure out what I might have touched to set this off. Or whether it might be a food allergy, or what the hell I've done differently that might have caused this. He gave me a prescription for an inexpensive ointment and I'm using that and taking aspirin for the itching. One more thing to aggravate. Arrgh.

3. Popi sold my car for me. Isn't he the best? Instead of the $400 the new car dealership offered me in trade, I'll be getting more than four times that. I'm very fortunate to have someone to help me who knows cars and doesn't mind the wheeling and dealing. Yay, Popi!

4. We recently booked a trip to New York City in the far future. April 2009 to be closer to exact. I've never been to NYC and always wanted to go, so now I'll get the chance. We'll be going with Uncle B., Aunt K. and some of their friends. It definitely gives me something to look forward to during the dreary depressing winter here.

5. The big wedding (brother-in-law) is this weekend. Noni and Popi and my brother's family will be here to attend. Emma is a flower girl and M and I are in the wedding. We were told to wear whatever we wanted, just dress like we would for church. That's almost worse than being told what to wear. I am just certain whatever I choose will stick out like a sore thumb against whatever the other bridesmaids choose. Secure in that knowledge I chose a dark dress. It was impossible to find a light colored summer dress on the clearance racks. Sorry, I tried. I just discovered that the shoes I'd been planning to wear with the dress are both darker and uglier than I'd remembered. Now I'll have to do some emergency shoe shopping after my car key appointment tomorrow. Joy.

6. My husband sent me flowers today :)