Friday, August 22, 2008
Emma's Wednesday and Thursday Reports
Hi Mommy,

Sorry I didn't write the last two days - I have just been really busy everyday. So let me tell you about Wednesday and Thursday:

On Wednesday,Aunt K had to go to her school so I went with J, M, C and Josefine to the swimming pool again. I had so much fun again!! Sorry - we forgot to take pictures there. Then by the time I got home, Aunt K was home! I Oh, M had a girlfriend come over and we played dress up some more! I really liked that. I then took a nap and when I woke up, I went to C's football practice. I got to play at the park there! I was playing with all the big kids and having so much fun. Everyone kept talking about my hair - they kept saying I was such cutie - I told them "thank you" every time. Oh - guess what? There was a dog that looked like Sammie there and he kept going down the slide - it made me laugh every time! Then we went home and waited for Uncle B and I helped him change the tire on his truck. That was really neat too. I played more with my cousins and was off to bed.

On Thursday, we went to a really cool park in McLean Virginia called "Clemyjontri Park" ( ). I really really really like this place. C took me everywhere in the park. They had a maze, a playground shaped as a firetruck and many more cool things to play on - but you know what? My favorite part was the carousal. I got to go twice!! Once on a horse that went up and down and then on the tea cup!! We kept going around and around!! I got so dizzy - but had so much fun. C was cool - he hung out with me the whole time!! Then we came home - I took another nap and then when I woke up - we went to Connor's football practice and I got to play at the park again. I really liked playing with the big girls again! I have been such a good girl for Aunt K and Uncle B. I like playing with my cousins and Aunt K and Uncle B - but I can't wait to see you all soon. I love you a bushel and a peck - a hug around the neck- a barrel and a heap - talking in my sleep about you!!


At the big playground.

Everyone at the park.

Look, Daddy! Pluto!!!

Off with Cousin C at the playground.

On the horse!

Helping Uncle B change a tire.

Playing dress-up. Look! No socks!

Posing with her hair in a ponytail.

Just thinking about something...