Sunday, August 31, 2008
Friday Night Fair - Come Hell or High Water
We missed the first two nights of the fair because of rain and, by golly, we weren't going to miss any more. We brought along jackets and umbrellas just to be prepared. We started with a fair food supper. Emma had a hot dog, I had a steak sandwich and M had an italian sausage. Then we made Emma go with us to see the exhibits indoors. She was agitating to hit the rides, but we knew if we didn't get the exhibits out of the way there'd be no dragging her back there later.

Here she is checking out the children's art...

Checking out the weird and disturbing world of taxidermy.

Come on...the rides! The rides!

At last! This was the first and last time she rode the dragon. They closed it for repairs after this ride and it never reopened.

Shortly afterward we ran into Mary's granddaughter and her parents. She and Emma spent most of the rest of the evening riding together. They'd run from one ride to the other hand-in-hand. We'd follow behind at a respectful distance, letting them run the show. Incidentally, it was my three year-old dragging the seven year-old around.

I don't think we could even count how often they rode the hearts.

Eventually it did start to rain. Since there was no lightning they kept the rides going. Emma's riding companion had to leave because they weren't equipped to ride in the rain. Daddy stepped in for a little while.

The we had the good fortune to run into my SIL and Emma's cousin. The cousin had been expecting to meet a friend at the fair and he didn't show. M took advantage of her freed up schedule and bought her bracelet so she could ride with Emma. We got another hour out of that. M thought it was money well spent.

We headed home around 10:00 p.m., hoping to preserve some energy for the next day.