Monday, August 18, 2008
Nasty bloodsucking bastards
Mosquitoes were the party poopers on our trip. They were big, fat and ravenous. Every time we went outside the house they came after us in droves. We had to spray on a coat of bug spray to even run to the car to get something. The day after we arrived we went out and spent around $60.00 on citronella buckets and outside bug sprays. Noni and Popi went back for more spray and mosquito coils. It was crazy.

Unfortunately for M he was apparently the tastiest morsel on the island. If we were pestered a little, he was swarmed. He was bitten half a dozen times every time he went outdoors. He'd come in and go straight for the Porter's salve to put on his new bites. I was probably bitten 10 to 15 times the whole trip where the bite left a bump. M was bitten thusly at least a hundred. It was awful for him.

If we used the sprays and lit the citronella buckets we could manage for a little while. We had six buckets in the enclosed pool area and we'd generate a veritable cloud of citronella to keep the bugs away. The county sent out trucks spraying the area nearly every night. Yuck, yuck and yuck!

Fortunately, the house was great so there was nothing to complain about indoors.