Wednesday, August 27, 2008
We knew the drought was ending...
Because it was time for the county fair. Sure enough, another fair parade in the rain. Emma has been so excited about the fair finally being here. She would even tell us, "I'm so excited the fair is almost here."

We had the usual potluck dinner at MIL's house. It was a slightly lower turnout. The folks around here are so used to doing the fair in the rain it hardly phases them anymore. Fortunately, for almost the entire parade we were showered with a fine mist, instead of pouring rain. The rain came again when the last of the horses passed us by. We opted to skip going into the fairground tonight. M figured it would just tick Emma off to see rides she couldn't ride in the rain.

Claiming their parade viewing spot.

I tried to catch a picture of the school dance team, but as you can see they turned on me.

People threw so much candy at us it was insane. M flipped the umbrella over to catch that batch. It got so bad we were only picking up the candy that interested us. There is still a ton of candy laying in the puddles by the road.

Here is our annual gallon refill of fair parade candy.

It's spread out to dry under our cabinet light. At the rate of piece a night after dinner, Emma will be able to make this last until next summer. Nevermind Halloween being a mere two months away...