Sunday, August 03, 2008
The Wedding
Emma got her basket of flowers at the rehearsal on Friday night. She wanted to "play flower girl" when we got home. We showed her how to toss the flower petals and she practiced in her room. She distributed the flower petals four times and we picked them all up four times.

Show times comes and...she totally forgot to toss the flower petals. Two out of the three flower girls did not throw a single petal from their basket. Thank goodness for the oldest flower girl or the bride might not have had a flower petal trail to help her find the altar. Not only did Emma not throw her petals, when she saw Noni and Popi and her cousins she wanted to take a right toward them instead of a left toward the altar. In this photo you can see a wedding attendee trying to point her to where she's supposed to go...(and the amusement of everyone else watching her dither)

She had a hard time holding still and being quiet during the ceremony but she was shielded from view for most of the people.

The wedding party.

The goofball who will give you one good shot before she starts her shenanigans.

The bride and groom and the minister who did the ceremony.