Monday, September 08, 2008
Emma watched a whole movie
I know, big deal, right? Except she's never done it before. She's really fearful of new shows because she's always scared by something. We have several new Backyardigans episodes on our DVR that she won't watch because "they're too scary." Like she'd even know, since she won't watch.

Last year I started to show her Snow White. Man, did I ever forget what that movie was about. Within the first three minutes the Wicked Witch is ordering the huntsman to kill Snow White, cut out her heart and bring it to her.

What gave me hope that we might be able to watch a whole movie was Cinderella. Emma's recently been reading the story in a storybook. As I thought it through I realized that there wasn't anything that scary in it. The evil stepmother is just mean, not too scary. Other than that I couldn't think of anything.

Emma found something scary pretty quickly. I had forgotten the subplot concerning the cat, Lucifer, trying to catch our friendly mice pals. Emma was scared the cat would catch the mice. I was able to coax her into sticking with the movie. She made it the whole way through. She was pretty proud of herself. I was too.