Thursday, October 30, 2008
Halloween Carnival
Tonight was the Halloween Carnival in the elementary school. Emma was so excited. We tried to remind her that she had been there last year by describing the fishing game she had done. She was so happy to put on her costume and go...

(Daddy is in the picture to hold the wings on her back, that part didn't work so well, which was OK because Emma didn't want to wear the wings anyway)

They didn't have the fishing game this year. Emma was so disappointed. The only games she could play were this "pumpkin toss" and ring toss and the cake walk. The halls were crowded. Her "boyfriend" showed up so totally scary looking and unrecognizable; she wouldn't talk to him. It was a zoo. We finally left with her in tears. The whole thing was just too much.

The cake walk. No cakes for us this year.

On the dejected walk to the car we tried to inspire her about tomorrow night. Straight up trick or treating in town, that should be better. I hope it's better.