Wednesday, October 08, 2008
It could happen to you...
(To those of you who read Boobs, Injuries and Dr. Pepper the following post may sound vaguely familiar. I assure you this experience was entirely my own.)

To get pregnant is to bring down upon yourself the infliction of all kinds of unimaginable indignities from the medical community. The whole process is just one potential humiliation after another when you're in the care of doctors and nurses.

Today I went by my local medical center to have blood drawn. The labs are to be sent to my OB/GYN. I failed to actually read the order carefully and was surprised when the nurse told me I was supposed to give a urine sample. Eeek! "Uh...I may not have anything for you..." I went into the bathroom and gave it the old college try.

They provide you with a 5 oz. cup. Back in my paper product selling days we called them translucent plastic cups. They're the soft plastic ones, similar to beer cups. I did my business and was really impressed with myself that everything made it in the cup. So the drill is to put a cap on it and put the cup in the little window behind the wooden trapdoor in the wall.

I walked to the counter and grabbed the lid to secure it onto the cup. I pressed the lid down on the cup but it wasn't sealing so I pressed down a little harder crushing the half-full specimen cup beneath my hand! Gaaaaaaah! By some undeserved miracle the cup did not spring a leak. All the fluid stayed in the crushed cup. I redeemed myself by finding another cup, transferring the contents, and placing the next lid on that cup very carefully. I put the cup in the window and hid my mess in the trash.

Then I washed my hands. No one the wiser, right?