Friday, October 31, 2008
Trick or Treat
Tonight went much better. We trick or treated around town and so many people fussed over Emma she was thrilled. She got a ton of candy. It seems so many people these days give out bags of candy or handfuls at a time. Not like back in my day...hrumph.

We went to one particular house that went all out. I know the owner of the bed and breakfast and she had been telling me they were going to decorate the house like a pirate ship. She wasn't kidding. Check out this place...

They hoisted the sails...

Put out a spread on the front porch. There were probably ten other places on the property where kids could pick up candy, snacks or small toys.

Here was the shark in the "water." He had the cookies.

They had this long maze leaving their porch with about four or five different buckets of candy in it.

Here's the hostess and her mother-in-law. Awesome production!

Emma leaving a more mundane porch.

The booty.