Sunday, October 26, 2008
On our honeymoon I took M down to Yorktown to show him the area. Even though it was run-down and derelict I always loved to be down by the river next to the bridge. The drive down the Colonial Parkway to Yorktown was always soothing and thrilling to me at the same time. It was just unfathomable to me that such a historic town was allowed to deteriorate so badly. It was that bad.

Fourteen years later we went back. I knew the area had be "revitalized." By revitalized they mean recreated from whole cloth. It's an amazing transformation. Their reward seems to be an influx of tourists. Unfortunately for us when we went it was overcast and bitterly cold for that area. We still enjoyed our visit. We even took a free trolley tour and picked up a few factoids about Yorktown. It was well worth the visit. Too bad for them we didn't spend a dime there ;)