Tuesday, November 04, 2008
Good morning, starshine!
M works for the Board of Elections. He's their electronic voting machine guru. No, that doesn't means he programs them so McCain will win. It means that he has to go running whenever a precinct can't figure out how to boot up the damned things.

The first call came at 5:30 a.m. They called twice. Next I could hear the car firing up and see the lights as he pulled around the driveway to leave. No idea where he went, which wouldn't be a problem except I'm the one who gets to field the next two calls that come in. I can't even tell them where to find him. First it was headquarters looking for him, then it was the precinct captain from the farthest precinct away. Joy.

Finally I give up and go downstairs to use the bathroom. He left a note. He's at the nearest precinct, the one where we vote. I call him to pass along his messages. Phone busy, busy, busy, busy. Finally I give up and call headquarters to tell them where he is. "We know, Honey."


The good news is there's no chance I'll oversleep and miss my chance to vote before work.

P. S. 6:14 a.m. Just fielded a call from the second farthest precinct. They can't boot up either. The good news is that in this county the primary method of voting is, and always has been, paper ballots folded up and dropped in a box. Nothing better than that. They put up the electronic voting machines because the state mandated it, but most local voters avoid it. The bad news is I'm thoroughly familiar with how often people can and do screw up and invalidate simple paper ballots. Nothing, and I mean nothing, is idiot proof.