Thursday, December 04, 2008
Buyer's Remorse
It was swift and certain. What was I thinking bringing a dark couch into my house??? Within seconds of having the couch assembled white dalmatian hairs were shining from it like tiny beacons. It's a magnet for them. And they don't brush off either. In desperation I ran upstairs and grabbed my lint roller and it did pick up the hairs, but by the time I'd done one section I had to peel off another layer of adhesive on the roller. Jake likes to lean against things, particularly the couch. After leaning on it one time he moved away and there were dozens of little white hairs poking out from the couch like porcupine quills.

I had a big 'ol pity party for myself. Why can't I ever have anything nice? With the furniture I'm screwed either way. A dark couch will show Jake hairs, a light couch will show Beaker hairs. I had no idea how good I had it with the variegated colors of my old couch.

The fact is I love the furniture. It's great furniture, but not the best choice for my house. We'll be keeping it and I'll have to learn to cope with the constant struggle of de-whitening it. Beaker just became my favorite dog.

Please ignore the ugly clash of the green carpet. That will have to go next. I told M I'd rather see the bare floor, but he doesn't want to get rid of the carpet until we have another one to replace it. The furniture is actually a chocolate brown, but somehow flash photography does weird things to the appearance of the color. The pieces are exactly the same color in real life.

This is the recliner in my computer room. The picture doesn't convey the scale of the thing. It's huge. Lots and lots of room for cuddling with a newborn. And it rocks.