Wednesday, December 03, 2008
Major excitement tonight
Around here anyway. We're getting new furniture. M already picked it up, we'll just need to move it into the house tonight. We got a new couch and recliner...and they actually match! Unfortunately they'll be placed in different rooms for now. Someday when we're down to one dog we'll be able to reclaim the floor space in the living room for the chair instead of a dog bed.

It's the first time I've bought new furniture that wasn't scratch and dent or somehow not-quite-right. I wanted to get an end table too, but decided not to get too greedy all at once. After all, M thought we were only looking to buy a couch. Always beware the hidden agenda ;) I wanted the rocking recliner as a space to relax with the baby. Actually, you can blame the whole thing on the baby. I've been dithering about buying a new couch for three years now. What finally motivated me was the thought of my spanking new baby touching that skanky old couch. Yuck. Well, that and finding out I'm getting a nice fat Christmas bonus. Woot!