Thursday, December 18, 2008
Preschool Christmas Party
Today was the big party at Emma's preschool. The kids have been making gifts, cards and decorations all month. They made Christmas cookies for the party and the parents sent along other healthier snacks to supplement the cookies. They were assigned names and brought along a $5.00 limit present for a gift exchange. I think my picky eater had about two things on her plate. M attended the party and took pictures and video for me.

Here is the cozy Christmas corner they kids made. M said the whole time they were there they would hear random "meows" from under the tree. He said the kids were a bit distracted by it and kept asking "Is there a real cat in here?"

Emma tends to be ungenerous about giving away perfectly good presents she'd rather keep. For this reason I didn't let her know what she was giving away until the ride to school. At the last minute I decided that better to warn her than have a scene at school. Of course she cried when I told her she was giving away a Polly Pockets. We had to stop in the kitchen in the church and wipe down her face with a wet paper towel. I promised her that someone else would be bringing her a present, but that didn't seem to be any consolation. In this picture she's sitting next to the girl she brought the Polly Pocket (unwillingly) for. They're opening up their presents from the teachers here.

So finally it's Emma's turn to open her present and she gets...a giant Fur Real Friends kitty. Either someone missed the memo about the $5.00 limit or perhaps they were regifting and glad to have someone to pass this along to. Regardless, Emma was one lucky girl.

As you can see, her gift generated some intense interest among her classmates.

You can watch the video of Emma's friend receiving her gift and of Emma opening hers here. (As soon as it's done processing!)