Sunday, December 21, 2008
What would you do?
Your child tells you, "Mommy, you're mean."

I hear this at least once a day in the context of:

1. Not letting her have her way.
2. Correcting or disciplining her.

Before I tell you what I usually do, I'd like to hear how you would respond.

UPDATE: I do several different things when Emma tells me I'm mean. Actually, I do most everything you posted. Sometimes I ignore it. Sometimes I tell her I know I'm mean. Sometimes I tell her "You're just saying that because I won't let you have your way." Sometimes I recall to her a time we saw a really mean mommy in the mall letting her kids have it. It wasn't until recently I cracked down on her and attempted to stop her from saying it all the time.

The interesting thing was that long before we ever had a child I always told our friends that I'd be the mean one. And so I am.