Tuesday, January 06, 2009
A good day in BlogWorld
Andrew Breitbart, who used to help Matt Drudge run The Drudge Report, who then helped Arianna Huffington launch The Huffington Post (It hurts to link, Owww!), and then launched his own news aggregator Breitbart.com, has now launched Big Hollywood, a web site about the entertainment industry and popular culture written by conservatives with conservatives in mind. His goal is to take Hollywood back for people who don't hate America, a worthy goal. I'll be checking it out.

Secondly, another blog that I love (and loathe a little) The Consumerist, was bought by the Consumer's Union, the Consumer Reports people. It was sold by Nick Denton, who owns Gawker Media, a collection of often useful, but editorially very snide and superior websites. That's where the loathe part comes from. The Consumerist is full of great articles about consumers fighting back against bad service or shady practices in the retail world. A perfect fit for the Consumer's Union. I look forward to lots of great new articles without the sneering tone.