Monday, January 19, 2009
I'm still here...
Sorry for the lame posting. If it's any consolation nearly nothing is getting done around here; it's not exclusive to blogging.

I've been terribly tired lately. All I want to do is lay around. Food has lost it's luster. By suppertime I could care less and find it hard to force down food. After supper the only thing that appeals is popcicles. I guess it's no wonder I don't have much energy.

We had a really nice four-day weekend. On Friday we went to spend the day with Noni and spent the night at Noni and Popi's. We did some shopping and I bought Jack his first outfits. Noni contributed several cute outfits too. I bought a new boppy cover and Noni bought a neat little travel bed, which I may use in the middle of our king-sized bed in lieu of a separate bassinet. While we're not doing any special decorating for the crib (Jack will use the same Snoopy bedding as Emma) it seems an emerging theme for Jack's stuff is monkeys. He'll be our little monkey boy, which is perfect because, after all, his father is Uncle Monkey.

On the Jack front I have a check-up on Wednesday afternoon. After that I think they'll be having me set up my one hour glucose test. Joy. He's been quite an active critter, which I'm still loving. The evening popcicles are a fantastic way to wind him up. We're at the point where other people can feel him kick now. M and Noni have both been kicked.

The rest of the long weekend has been uneventful. There are a ton of things I could/should be doing but I can't be bothered. Maybe getting back to work with snap me out of my lethargy. One can hope.