Thursday, January 08, 2009
Meet Jack

This is our son, with his feet in his face. The ultrasound doctor had a very difficult time getting the shot because of the two feet and umbilical cord in the way. You can see some of the bounceback from the cord as a line going down his forehead and on down.

I'm not sharing the standard u/s shots because they're nothing remarkable. A foot here, a leg here, and a blobby face. We did get the "money shot," the proof positive that we're having a boy, but I thought it might be nice to preserve my son's modesty for now.

So M was right. He saw it in a vision at eight weeks or so, and he was right. Personally, I still credit that whole 50/50 chance thing.

The appointment went really well. First the tech did her scans. I was thinking I had seen boy parts twice by the time she asked if we wanted to know the sex. Then she found "it" right away. They didn't give us percentages or anything, just "It's a boy!"

Both the tech and the doc who came in to do scans kept using words like "perfect" "pretty" "gorgeous" and "handsome" when checking out various vital organs. Makes a mama proud. No problems were detected. When the (male) doc went to check out the sex organ himself he said, "Ha! Look where his hand is. What do you think it's doing down there?" I said, "Ahh...pulling?" He laughed. He said he had a patient ask him once when they ever stop doing that. He told her "They never do, they just become more discreet." I told him to pity the poor girls who have nothing to play with in there.

We're naming him Jack Ellis. Jack is the name of my father-in-law, who died suddenly and unexpectedly two months before Emma was born. Ellis is Noni's father's name.

We had narrowed down our boy name choices to three. I told M I wanted my son to have a strong, masculine name that wasn't trendy or "popular." I wanted a name that would fit a "captain of industry," a name that wouldn't hold him back in the business world. Of the three names we were considering we both liked Jack the most. It's almost a bonus that it's a family name.

It's such a relief to finally know the baby's gender. Now we know that we do need boy clothes and can be better prepared. On the other hand I tried to explain to M that even though I got what I really wanted, I still mourn a little for what could have been with another girl. It's wide open dreams when you have the possibility of either and when you're narrowed down to one it's just a little bit sad. Maybe it's just me being weird. I dunno.