Sunday, January 04, 2009
Now that the New Year is here...
It's time to turn my thoughts toward preparing for a new baby. The holidays seemed like a big hump to me and now that we're over it I need to start thinking more seriously about preparations. On my "to do" list:

1. Call Expedia and cancel my New York vacation in April (waaaaaaaa!) I did buy vacation insurance so hopefully I won't take a bath on it. I imagine the sticking point will be getting anything back from the airlines.

2. The household purge needs to kick into overdrive. Out with the crap!

3. We need to make room in Emma's room for another occupant. We had converted the crib to a daybed so now I just hope we can find all the parts to convert it back to a crib. We'll need a chest of drawers for Emma's stuff so we can use the old dresser/changing table for the baby. We'll add bars inside the top of the tall free-standing cabinet so that we can hang baby clothes in there. Let me tell sucks living in a house with no closets.

4. We'll need to go to the storeroom in M's store and find all the baby things we stowed away. We haven't gotten rid of a single thing. It's all there. The question is whether it's taken a beating in the storeroom and whether all the parts are there.

5. I need to figure out how to get health insurance for the baby. If I add her to my work insurance I'll be back to paying over $400 a month for one child. That's while already paying over $400 monthly for individual policies on M and Emma. I really hope I can somehow purchase an individual policy for the baby, but I'm not sure how you do that on a newborn and still have hospital pediatricians covered. More fun with insurance, yay!

Added note: This Thursday is finally the day we have our anatomy ultrasound and find out the sex of the baby. The anticipation is killing me!