Thursday, February 19, 2009
28 1/2 week checkup today
This time I met with my OB instead of his nurse practitioner. I needed to consult with him before making decisions about how the delivery will go. The baby's heartbeat was 130 bpm and he was measuring a little big. I have no difficulty believing that because I feel like my belly has doubled in size since my last doctor visit. I've gotten to that point where I feel like bending over to pick something up from the floor cuts all the blood to my head. Blech.

It looks like a repeat c-section may be in my future. If so, the possible dates I was given were Friday, May 1 or Wednesday, May 6. I'm leaning toward the 6th because that gets us past 39 weeks. Recently there have been news articles circulating about the increased risk to the baby of having a repeat c-section before 39 weeks. I'm supposed to let them know of our decision at my next appointment.

I did find out some OTC medications I can take if I have another attack like on Saturday night. I'll have to stock up, just in case.

I quizzed the doc on how important it was that I not sleep on my back. He said that it's not really all that important unless the baby has existing issues with heart rate or that sort of thing. So maybe now I won't spend my nights twisting myself into a pretzel trying not to sleep on my back.

After the appointment I did a little shopping. It's fun to scour the clearance racks for baby boy clothes for later. I made out pretty well, if I say so myself.

Noni met me for supper at a Chinese place and we had an enjoyable meal and a nice opportunity to catch up. All and all a good trip.