Sunday, February 15, 2009
Beware Pepsi sneakiness
I've mentioned before that I read The Consumerist blog. One of the things they're frequently warning about is something they call the "Grocery Shrink Ray." This is where manufacturers are downsizing their packaging and content, hyping it as "new and improved" or "value sized" and then charging you the exact same thing for it. Now Pepsi seems to be joining the bandwagon. They are currently "testing" a new alternative to the 12-pack and 24-pack. That would be an 8-pack and an 18-pack at the exact same price you've been paying for the 12 and 24!

I have no special love for Pepsi, but M lives off of Mountains Dews. If this brilliant idea moves beyond the testing in Florida it will have a direct impact on us and our grocery bill. As if the crappy economy and the looming stimulus/patronage bill weren't bad enough, now they want to hit us where we live. Bastards.