Thursday, February 26, 2009
It's Like Christmas!
On the way home from picking up Emma from Mary's I was craving cake really badly. So I proposed to her the idea of having dessert before supper. It was an entirely foreign concept to her but she was all for it. My purpose in discussing it with her was to make good and sure that she realized that after supper there would be nothing more. She still thought it was a great idea. Heck, she didn't even know we had cake!

With cake on our minds we walk in the door and encounter this on the table. Wow! I told Emma we'd better call Daddy and find out who all this was for...

Why, it was for us! It was about that time that I figured out that we were looking at the back of the baby package. Here it is turned around:

I took this picture to put on the Thank You card we're going to make to send to the nice couple who gave us all this...

So, here's what was in the packages:

Infantino Cozy Rider infant carrier
5 Flannel receiving blankets
5 Got Milk? body suits, 3-6 mo.
3 Just One Year body suits, 3-6 mo.
Hooded robe, Just One Year, 0-9 mo.
1 Organically Grown body suit, 6 mo.
2 Vitamins Baby body suits, 9 mo.
2 Vitamins Baby bibs, Humpty Dumpty
3 Carters Dribblehappy bibs
1 Wooden "Baby" box, blue
For Emma: Tinkerbell doll
Picnic dishes in carry bag
Bunny straws
Activity book

This was all from a (nice, nice!) couple that I barely know. I am really humbled at how generous they are to us. We'll definitely be making that thank you card and getting it in the mail right away.

(Disclaimer: Please don't think I'm showing you all this stuff to brag. Noni rarely comes over here and I know she'd want to see these things. She eats this stuff up. Also, it's blogging material, damnit! I'll take it where I can find it!)