Sunday, February 01, 2009
Super Bowl XLIII
What a good game! Amazing comeback for the Cardinals and they came so close. I really had no dog in this hunt. I wanted to root for the Steelers at first. Then I watched some of the pregame stuff and decided that the Cardinals were who I should cheer for. Then after halftime I learned that the Steelers coach is a William & Mary grad and an underclassman! Amazing! So, it was not a tragedy when the Steelers came back and won. Still, I'm a tiny bit sad for Kurt Warner because this loss might cost him his possible shot at the Hall of Fame. Whisenhunt has nothing to be ashamed of. He's done an amazing job with the Cardinals and their fans should be proud. The Steelers can be proud of their record for the most Super Bowl wins. There is plenty to be happy about this time around at the Super Bowl.

The only thing to be sad about is no more football until September. Waaaaaah!