Wednesday, February 25, 2009
Last night I had a work meeting. At the end of the meeting the folks that I work with threw me a little surprise shower. It really was a surprise because I never would have expected anything from this group. Not that they aren't wonderful people, but nothing was made of Emma's birth back then, so I didn't expect it. This cake was made by one of them. I think she did a fantastic job and it tastes so good.

Most of my co-workers contributed to a big Target gift card (yay!), but a couple of them just brought presents. The duckie is from the cake and he's the kind that tells you if the bath water is too hot. I love the pirate outfit! One of our nicknames for Jack is Captain Jack (after Captain Jack Sparrow) so this will fit the bill perfectly. The gift giver was also personally fond of whales so she was most pleased with that outfit. I also got some jarred baby food, but I didn't figure that was all that photo-worthy.