Monday, March 30, 2009
"Erin wants to know if Emma can come over and play"
Emma got invited to her first playdate yesterday afternoon. It wasn't planned in advance, just a can-you-do-it-now? thing. Unfortunately I was still in my PJ's and hadn't showered since it was meant to be a work at home day for me. I told the mama that I had to check with the family and call back. First I asked M if it was OK for us to desert. Then I had to find out whether Emma even wanted to go. She did. I had to do a quick clean up to make myself presentable. We were probably there in half an hour from the phone call.

I took some sewing, the other mama knitted and we chatted while the girls played. I probably enjoyed it a lot more than I would have if given time to anticipate it. Anyway, we've broken the seal on that milestone.