Monday, April 27, 2009
I must brag...
On some of the most wonderful ladies that it has been my experience to know. These are my friends from an online mommy group I joined in 2004 when I had Emma. We've been together nearly five years now. We're spread out all over the country and across the pond too. I've met several of them in person, but most I know only from our group (and now Facebook!) Being together for five years means we know each other pretty well now. Those of us who have met in real life always comment it's like meeting old friends. And we are!

Anyway, this group of ladies contributed to a magnificent bounty of gifts for Jack. I wanted to show you what we've received. And while you're enjoying the pictures you should appreciate the fact that all of it was produced by women within the group.

First, we have a picture of the diaper cake. Monkey themed for our little monkey boy ;) These pictures were taken pre-shipment and forwarded to me later.

Here the cake has safely arrived at our house.

Emma is playing with the monkey puppet from the top of the cake.

Inside the cake was a surprise filling...

Here's a little sleeper with adorable monkey feets! The cake also included two cute animal print diaper covers. Also, the giraffe and zebra on the cake matched the monkey and palm tree we already had on the wall next to Jack's changing table, so we added those yesterday.

In a separate package we received this incredibly cute little brag book. It has a jungle theme throughout and will be a terrific place to preserve family photos when Jack gets here.

We received two Target gift cards, one for Jack and one for Emma. Emma already spent hers on Ponyville items and a Scooby-Doo! movie. It was the first time she's ever gotten to go shopping for herself like that.

Today we received this package which was artfully packed with an assortment of personalized goodies for Jack. These were done by a gal on the board who has an embroidery business. Such great work!

Jack received two bibs, a blanket, a onesie, a basket and three diapers, all with his name on them. They even included a cute little apron personalized for Emma.

All of this generosity on the part of my friends makes me feel really special and I'm grateful to them for that and for the gifts. Thank you Shawnie for your organizational skills! Thank you for your handiwork Misty, Cindy and Sue, and thanks to everyone else who contributed to making the gifts possible! You all are the greatest!