Saturday, April 04, 2009
1. We're finally pulling out our old baby equipment. I'm so glad I took the time to clean things up and pack them away nicely. We'll be able to re-use everything. We've pulled out the baby bouncer, the pack n' play with bassinet, the swing, the Baby Bjorn, the baby bathtub, the sleep positioner, the infant carrier with bases for each of our cars, and the stroller. The interesting thing is that almost all of these things were blue or navy blue. When I purchased them I was thinking of the indistinct future. Thankfully it paid off for us.

2. Just when I'm needing to get things squared away at work I'm finding that many of the people I was counting on cannot be relied upon. Everyone has their legitimate excuses, but I wish they hadn't made commitments they couldn't fulfill. It's increasing my stress level right when I don't need it. I feel like standards are really going to slip while I'm gone and that makes me sad.

3. I finally saw "Twilight" last night. I'm pretty sure it was good, but I think I need to see it again to double-check.

4. We're going to participate in a multi-family yard sale Easter Saturday with Noni and Aunt K. As nice as it will be to unload stuff, it is stressing me out because those things are work and I'm too easily worn out these days. I'm taking off Good Friday so I can go over early and start preparing. We'll be spending Easter at Noni's for the first time in many years.

5. I have a Dr. appointment Wednesday and then I'll be going to weekly check-ups until the baby is born. Fun, fun.

6. I can't sleep anymore. On a good night I wake up only twice to go pee. One time midnight to one and then another time four to five. If that weren't enough I've been fighting a cold again for several weeks. It's now settled in my chest. I wake up from that not because I can't breathe, but because of the music my chest makes as it rattles. I'll try a drug remedy here or there but can't make myself to commit to keeping the dosages going for fear of it hurting Jack. It's a terrible position to be in. I've had this thing twice already this pregnancy and it lasts for weeks. Bah.

7. I'm sorry I'm so lame about blogging anymore. I'm not on the computer in the evenings as much. We've been really lame about taking pictures so I don't have much to share along those lines.