Friday, May 22, 2009
Two week pediatrician visit
Jack went to see the ped on Tuesday for a follow-up. At the first visit the doctor was mildly concerned about Jack being a little jaundiced. We were hoping for some improvement on his 14 day appointment. There was a little improvement, but the Dr. really wanted to know what Jack's bilirubin numbers were so he could be sure we weren't in any danger. He wrote me a prescription for the heel stick to draw blood.

I needed to drive all the way to Nonitown for the test. Since the pediatrician's office is part of the way there I opted to go ahead and go straight from the doctor's office. Well, I did stop a Subway first to feed the two of us. Emma had school and was with her Daddy. M gave me his blessing to go ahead and get the tests done and Emma worked with him all day.

We went to the Outpatient center at the hospital where I delivered Jack. They did stick his heel, as advertised, but then they have to squeeze the blood out. Like thirty times. Amazingly, Jack was a champ. He never cried. The nurse said the babies tend to get more mad about her not letting go of their heel than they do about being stuck.

After the test we went by Noni's office so she could see Jack and show him off to her friends. It was a nice little visit.

The next morning the Dr. called me with the results of the test. The numbers were good enough. No more worries about jaundice. We're still advised to get him out in the sun a bit to help the process finish itself, but that's no big deal.

The only other news we got from our doctor visit is that Jack is back up to 9 lb. 8.5 oz. Not quite back to birth weight.