Wednesday, July 29, 2009
Day 2
Hi Mommy, Daddy and Jack,

Today when I woke up, I got to help Aunt K make chocolate chip pancakes - yummy!! I was a big help to Aunt K and because I was being such a good girl, Aunk K gave me an extra treat - some of the chocolate chips to snack on while I waited! I hope you all are doing well. Just so you know, I do miss you all and talk about you everyday to Uncle B, Aunt K and my cousins. I have such a great family and look forward to seeing you this weekend. :-)

After breakfast, we played a little in the morning, then after lunch we headed to the pool for about 2 1/2 hours. Aunt K says I am becoming such a good swimmer! I made a new friend at the pool, her name is Katie and is 4 yrs old too. I had so much fun playing with her and my cousins. Aunt K was in the pool with me the whole time - she kept trying to get me to dunk my head in the water. I finally did it two times before we left the pool!

The rest of the day we came home to relax and watched a little TV. Then next thing I know J has surprised Little M and I and set up a tea party outside on the back deck. There were cookies, crackers and drinks!! I was so happy!

For dinner we had spaghetti - I LOVED SPAGHETTI!!! I ate every bit of it! After dinner, Aunt K had to work on school work, so Uncle B and my cousins and I played a little. Then Little M, J, and I played "make-up." Do you know what that is? Well we all put some "play" make-up on each other, then did each others hair. It was a lot of fun too! Then before I knew it, it was time for bed. I wasn't too happy about that, but then realized how tired I actually was after brushing my teeth and laying in bed reading. Whew - another great day. I don't know what we are doing tomorrow. Aunt K said we may just play around the house. I'll let you know tomorrow! I love you so much!!


p.s. Aunt K told me to tell you she is sorry she didn't take many pictures today - she'll make up for it tomorrow!