Friday, July 31, 2009
Days 3 & 4
Hi Mommy and Daddy,

Wow, I have had a great time playing with my cousins the last two days. Sorry I didn't write to you yesterday, I just was so busy playing, I lost track of time. Aunt K asked me if I wanted to go anywhere special and you know what? The only thing I really want to do is to play with M and J (sometimes C too!). It has been nice just playing barbies, school, dress-up, dancer and pirates with them!! They keep telling me I have such a good imagination.

On Wednesday I didn't wake up until 9:15am! Aunt K said I must have been tired. I felt great though! We hung around the house most of the day. We played so much that by the time it was time for bed, I was ready!! We did the sprinklers again in the morning. Then Aunt K had to run a few errands and b/c I was a good little girl, we go to go get ice cream!! Yummy!! I had chocolate ice cream with gummie bears - hmmmmmmm. Then later that night Aunt K had to go to school, so after dinner (we had tacos), I played dress up with the girls and then when Aunt K got home she painted my toe and fingernails!! It was so much fun, I kept giggling when she touched my feet!

On Thursday, I was up by 7:00am with M and J. We watched a little TV in the morning, then Aunt K said she had a surprise for us. By 10:00am we headed out the door. The surprise was Adventure Park Playground!!! That place is so much fun. I played "booby trap" with them a lot! Do you know what that is? Daddy, you should know, make sure you explain that to Mommy. Basically we would go around the whole playground and have to be careful because so many things were "booby trapped" and we did didn't want to explode!! That was a lot of fun. But it was so hot so we only stayed about 1 hour. Next we had lunch at Chick fil-A!! YUMMY!!! I really liked that because of the play land. Then after lunch we headed to Target to get a few things. Aunt K said because we were all being so good, we could all get a little treat. I can't wait to show you all my "treat"! I also got some Hello Kitty pajamas!!

When we got home, we headed to the pool again!! Aunt K said we were there for 3 hrs!! It didn't feel like that, but boy did I have fun!! I am such a good jumper in the pool now! Tonight we had subs for dinner. I ended up eating a peanut butter sandwich though with carrots. Then we played more and now Aunt K and Uncle B said its time for bed. But you know what, I am ready. It's been a long day, but a great one. Only one more wake up and you all will be here. Don't tell Aunt K or Uncle B, but I really do miss you all so much! I can't wait to give you all hugs and kisses and baby brother Jack too!! I love you!!