Tuesday, July 28, 2009
Emma's first day of vacation with her cousins at their house
Hello Mommy and Daddy (and brother Jack too!),

Wow – I am having a great time with my cousins! Today we had to get up early to take C to his Middle School orientation – a little too early for me, but I was good and got dressed by myself and was downstairs first for breakfast!! After dropping off C, Little M, J and I came back home to play. Then before I knew it, we had to go pick C up from school. Aunt Kathy surprised me and we went out to eat at Burger King and then got to play at the indoor playland there. I really liked that, but a young boy kept following me around – I couldn’t get him to stop! Don’t worry – I ended up playing with him at the end and I was very nice.

Next, we were invited to go to a movie by the neighbors, but I really didn’t want to go, so Little M and J went ahead without me. It’s okay, because C and I got to play in the sprinkler and then Aunt K and I played Barbies. Don’t tell Aunt K, but she isn’t as good at Barbies as Daddy! Then before I knew it, M and J were home. Their friends invited me over to play with them for a little while. I really liked that.

After we played at the “Hinds” house Uncle B came home from work. We had BBQ chicken for dinner and strawberries for dessert! I was such a good eater! Then after dinner we all danced like crazy monkeys to so many songs – I had so much fun! Aunt K said she took some video and will send it to you. To end the night we had a long walk with the dogs and played at the park. Whew – I am tired! Don’t worry Mommy and Daddy, even though I was so tired, I still read with Aunt K and Little M before bed. I really like to read!! Well good night – please give my little brother a kiss for me! We are supposed to go to the pool tomorrow! I can’t wait!! Love you so much!