Wednesday, July 08, 2009
I think we've turned a corner
Sorry folks. There's neglecting my blog, and then there's falling off the map. I will try to do better.

Jack seems to be enjoying life much more these days. Until a few days ago he spent most of his waking hours unhappy. That meant I had to carry him most of the time. It's very stressful. Instead of losing weight I've been gaining from stress eating. Instead of Zoloft I've been popping the little candy coated chocolate pills with M's on them. Now Jack spends much more awake time happy in his bouncy seat. He also flirts when given the chance. It's very cute.

I go back to work one week from today. I'm glad that Noni steered me away from going back sooner. I've still had to check in with work a couple of times a week and as time has gone on I've resented it more, the intrusion on my "sick leave". Now that I'm a shorttimer to SAHM-hood I'm sorry to be going back (but not entirely).

The last two nights I've gotten pretty decent sleep. Jack has gone to bed by 11:00 p.m. and only gotten up once in the night. Then he ate his meal and went right back to sleep. I could survive this.

This week is kind of nutty. We have appointments every day. On Monday Jack went for his two month check-up. On Tuesday I had to go to a work meeting two hours away. Today we met with our minister to prepare for Jack's baptism this Sunday. Tomorrow Emma has her check-up to get ready for school. It will be her first appointment with our new pediatrician. On Friday we'll be going over to Noni's for mommy's weekly good night's sleep.

Noni has the outfit for Jack's baptism. It was Uncle B's when he was baptized. Thankfully it doesn't have giant lapels and isn't a leisure suit ;) She was working on getting spit-up stains out of it. Today she let me know she succeeded. It's a little white onesie with a vest. I'll take a picture Sunday.

Emma is still being a challenge. Every adult in her life still has to fuss at her for being all over Jack. We still fear for his safety because she doesn't know her own strength and doesn't grasp how delicate Jack is. I told M last night that we needed to be more proactive in showing Emma ways she can touch Jack and not be a threat to his safety. I honestly don't know how long it's going to take to get past this.