Wednesday, July 08, 2009
Jack's 2 month check-up
We went to see his pediatrician Monday. We got to wait an hour for his appointment. That's always a good start. His height was 23" and his weight was 12 lbs. 4 oz. This puts him at the 31st percentile for height and the 44th for weight. So he's a little dude. We're not used to that. Emma has always been in the upper ranges.

Jack got his first big round of shots. It took two nurses and a leg holder. They tried to give the three shots nearly simultaneously. I appreciated their effort.

Everything seems to be going well developmentally. We discussed Jack's fussiness. The doc decided that it was a bit of colic. We also discussed Jack's absolute hatred of his car seat. The doc didn't have any useful recommendations. He said we were doing fine with our feeding schedule and amounts. So far so good. We'll be going back at 4 months.