Sunday, July 12, 2009
Jack's baptism
Jack was perfect during the baptism and all through church. He never cried, never complained. He slept a good bit, even during the actual baptism. I think he woke up for the water, but he didn't complain about that either. Man, my son has changed dramatically from two weeks ago.

Here's a shot of the baptism in progress.

The outfit that Jack wore was last worn by Uncle B when he was baptised. It's a cute little onesie with an embroidered vest. It needed some rehabilitation but Noni did some laundry magic on it and it looked brand new.

The happy family.

The cousins came down from Maryland to be with us.

Hanging around with Uncle B.

Noni and Popi with their whole collection of grandchildren.

The cousins plus one.

Uncle B and Aunt K.

The boy's team.