Monday, July 27, 2009
A Letter from Emma
Hi Mommy, Daddy & Jack!

Wow, that's different - having Jack to include in my letter. That's pretty neat. I love my little brother.

After you left, Mommy, we played for a while and then took our baths. We needed to get some sleep before going to church in the morning. Mary was helping me say my prayers and when she said to pray for Mommy, I got all teary eyed and I think I scared Mary. She left the room and the next thing I know Noni was in the bed with me talking real soft and saying nice things to make me feel better. I did miss you Mommy, and I know I'll be all right and I'll have a good time. I miss Jack and Daddy too, but when Mary said your name, I just kind of lost it. I'm OK now

Last night I slept with Mary and I think I might have kicked her in her sleep, but I really didn't mean to. I never know what I do when I'm sleeping.

Today was a new day and we started it out by going to church. I think Noni sent you some pictures of all of us all dressed up for church. We looked pretty sharp if I do say so myself. I went to kids church with my cousins and we had a good time. We came home and had pancakes for lunch. Noni's pancakes just aren't as good as yours, Daddy, and I told her so. But I said it very nicely and I really wasn't trying to hurt her feelings. It was the truth!!

We played games in the backyard. I mostly ran around and told the others some rules I thought they should follow playing a new game Noni bought on Saturday. They seemed to think the rules were a pretty good idea. I spent some time on the hammock with Uncle B and every once in a while I would jump up and run around the yard. I showed Uncle B how good I can run.

We chilled out for a little while while Noni made some lunch for us. We had hot dogs, hamburgers, mac and cheese, chips, applesauce and COOKIES!!! Yum!!!! I ate a good meal and was happy when Uncle B said it was time to go. I was really, really anxious to get to Uncle B and Aunt K's house and was really, really excited to get in the truck and get going.

I had a good time with my cousins and I'm looking forward to more fun this week. Thank you, Mommy and Daddy, for letting me visit them. I will miss all of you, but I promise to be a good girl; I'll try not to whine and I'll mind my manners as best as I can. I'll make you proud of me!

I love you all and please give Baby Jack a hug and kiss for me several times each day. I don't want him to miss me too much. He knows I like to hug and kiss him a lot.

Tell Beakie and Jack (the dogs) "hi" for me too and I'll look forward to seeing all of you on Friday night. Take good care of Baby Jack for me!

Love, hugs and kisses!!!