Thursday, July 09, 2009
Like I needed a new obsession...
I just started on HBO's True Blood last night from Netflix. I got the first two discs in the mail Wednesday. They each have two episode on them. Last night I watched all four episodes. Awesome way to watch a series. I have the third disc coming in the mail tomorrow and discs 4 and 5 should come Saturday. As it happens we're enjoying a free HBO/Showtime promo with Dish Network so I should be able to follow season 2 also. I set the timer last night to catch the episodes I've missed so far. They've only shown 3 episodes of season 2, right?

I like the TV series on it's own merits. They do make some pretty big changes from the books, but they still tell an interesting story so I won't hold it against them. It's weird to see the characters I know so well in my head show up on my TV in the flesh. So far I'd say my mental Sookie was prettier, my Bill was more handsome and Grandma looked totally different. But the TV grandma looks more like a real person so they win that one.

It seems like in the TV series Jason gets as much screen time as Sookie. They seem to be totally obsessed with his body and why not? Wow, what a body. I love "Larry" as the sheriff. Good casting on that one. Sam is good, but Tara was made up from scratch pretty much. Still, it works with the TV story. I like how in the books Sookie is more or a loner (and lonely). Anyhoo...I'm rambling.

I look forward to finishing Season 1 and catching up with everyone else. I don't look forward to having to wait for Sunday nights again. Damn you, HBO!