Sunday, August 30, 2009
Blizzard Beach
Blizzard Beach was not the day I was most looking forward to. Running around in my swimsuit all day is not my idea of the most fun possible. However, as in the past, I soon realized that I'm not the worst thing there so I should get over myself. I was mostly there to make sure my kids had a good time.

Uncle B, Aunt K, and Little J did everyone the service of going to the park at opening to secure us a good spot in the shade. They also wanted to do the best slides before the park filled up. In any case, it worked out great for the rest of us.

My favorite part of the day was the lazy raft ride around the whole park (Cross Country Creek). Everyone in the family went on that one except Aunt K and Jack. The two big slide rides I did were a family raft ride (Teamboat Springs) with the ladies and the Toboggan Racers. We split the family in two sets for that one. I got a strawberry on my knee and soreness in my shoulders for two days from the toboggan race.

Emma split her time between Tike's Peak and the Pre-teens section, Ski Patrol Training Camp. She did slides and raft rides and swam and generally wore her daddy out keeping up with her.

Jack took his first ever dip in the pool. We took him to the wave pool, Melt-Away Bay. M spent a goodly amount of time playing with him in the shallow waves. Jack seemed to enjoy it.

We had a very lovely day. Uncle B had bought each family a "bottomless" soda cup so we all drank our weight in diet cola in the hot Florida sun. The shady spot was lovely and I spent a good deal of my time there. I'm proud to say that I went through my entire week in Florida without getting a sunburn. Yay, me!

We left the park in the afternoon and went back to the villa for showers. We all went out to eat at a Lone Star restaurant. They must hate groups there because they put us right by the kitchen door. I got to enjoy the music of clanging dishes my entire meal. The food was OK, but the ribeye was really greasy. I rarely order steak when I'm out so this was pretty disappointing.

When we got back to the villa Noni and I decided to head to the Disney shop in the Old Key West hospitality center. I bought some souvenirs and goodies for Christmas gifts. The rest of the evening I spent in our living room laughing to myself as everyone but us debated their plans for the next day. M, Emma and I planned to go back the Magic Kingdom. The rest of them couldn't make up their minds what to do. It was pretty entertaining to listen to their discussions.

Jack's first dip.

Jack's first slide.

Emma having a fantastic day.

She looks so grown up to me.

Going down the intermediate slide in the pre-teen area.

Jack and Popi people-watching from the bridge. You could watch the people floating on the lazy river underneath the bridge.

Living the high life.