Monday, August 24, 2009
Emma's first day of school
It wasn't actually THE first day of school. Emma missed that last Thursday while we were in Florida. Daddy drove her to school. He likes the idea of getting to work early and getting things done before opening the store so he's volunteered to take Emma to school and I'm to deliver Jack to Mary's. Emma was excited to go. She went to bed early last night with a minimum of fuss. She didn't throw much of a fit when we told her that she'd eat breakfast at school. She even posed for pictures.

Each day the teacher sends home a folder in Emma's backpack with a note about what the class did that day. Today's list:

Read the story "All By Myself," and talked about our daily schedule
Danced to songs (hokey pokey, tooty ta, number march)
Learned about the Music and ABC centers
Had PE and Library for specials
Ate chicken nuggets for lunch...yum!
Talked about our classroom rules
Rested our bodies quietly at rest time
We had a marvelous Monday!

Makes me want to go to preschool. They eat their breakfast in the cafeteria after the rest of the elementary school starts class and they eat their lunches in their classroom, family-style.

I think this will be a good experience for Emma and I'm feeling positive about it so far.

Emma's official "First Day of School" picture. This is the pose I asked for...

And this was the one she wanted...